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Welcome to Lichfield District City of Sanctuary


We’re Lichfield District City of Sanctuary.  A group of locals who take action to support people and organisations in order to make Lichfield a welcoming place for all.  Here, sanctuary and support is provided to all who need it, especially vulnerable people.

We are here for everyone, respecting people from all backgrounds.  We are committed to enabling equity and equality.


We welcome people of all faiths and of no faith.

We welcome people of all ethnicities and nationalities.

We welcome people of all genders.

We welcome people whatever their sexuality.

We welcome refugees and asylum seekers from anywhere.

We welcome people with disabilities and those without.

We welcome people experiencing homelessness.

We welcome people travelling through our city and those who come to stay.

We want you to feel welcome, whoever you are and wherever you are from.


Hands showing that Lichfield city of sanctuary welcomes you

Everyone is welcome


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